About Me


About me:

  I see beyond things. I feel everything with intensity. The depth that envelops me is never ending.  I have just begun my story and yet I have lived many others. I have travelled the world more than once.  I have never committed to anything fully.  I am afraid of love and yet it is my driving force.  I love the smell of cedar and the feeling of thunder clouds rolling in.   My inner world inspires my outer one.  My heart belongs to Africa.  My gift is my vision.  Gypsy runs in my blood.  I love ragged and rustic.  Contradiction is one of my favorite things.  I watch light and how it plays with the shadows.  My passion is revealing the light I see in others.  Photography is my greatest joy.

Photography is a story without words, a glimpse of peace, a moment of hope, a tale of beauty.  It is within imagery that we see our essence, the light that we leave behind to the world, the way in which we are seen and the miraculous growth that each of us evolve into.

I believe in the innate beauty that we each have…the beauty that enraptures the senses, floods the heart, and wraps itself in grace.  Each person I work with holds this and it is my job to pull it out….no matter the length of time or how many strings you have to loosen….I will find you and you will be seen.